A testament to the past, and a reminder of the future..

Selected Honors and Awards

  • Finalist, the 18th INFORMS DMDA Workshop Best Paper Competition Award (Theoretical Track), 2023
  • Finalist, INFORMS Minority Issues Forum Poster Competition 2023
  • INFORMS Workshop on Data Science Student Scholarship 2023
  • Departmental Award, IEOR Department, UC Berkeley 2023
  • First-Place Prize, the 13th POMS-HK International Conference Best Student Paper Award 2023
  • Second Place, OR/MS Tomorrow Mini-poster Competition 2022
  • Winner, Best Student Paper of Social Media Analytics (INFORMS SMA Section) 2022
  • Graduate Division Conference Travel Grant, UC Berkeley 2022
  • Tsinghua-Evergrande Group 1st class Scholarship 2017
  • China National Scholarship (top 1% of the department) 2015
  • Tsinghua University Outstanding Student Leader 2015
  • First Prize, China High School Biology Olympiad (Provincial) 2014
  • Second Prize, National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces 2012

More about Me

  • I enjoy a wide range of sports, especially team sports. During my undergraduate years, I served as captain of the departmental women’s volleyball and softball team and also played in departmental women’s basketball and soccer team.
  • I have played the violin since I was six and now I am a guitar beginner.
  • I am interested in dialects so that I am currently learning Cantonese as a Mandarin native speaker.