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  1. Content Promotion for Online Content Platforms with the Network Diffusion Effect
    Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, forthcoming, 2024
    - Winner, Best Student Paper of Social Media Analytics, INFORMS 2022
    - Second place, OR/MS Tomorrow Mini-poster Competition, 2022
  2. Nonprogressive Diffusion on Social Networks: Approximation and Applications
    Under Second Round Major Revision at Management Science
    - First-Place Prize, the 13th POMS-HK International Conference Best Student Paper, 2023
    - Finalist, 18th INFORMS DMDA Workshop Best Paper Competition (Theoretical Track), 2023
    - Finalist, INFORMS Minority Issues Forum Poster Competition, 2023
    - Accepted to INFORMS Workshop on Data Science 2023


  1. Real-time Traffic Accidents Post-impact Prediction: Based on Crowdsourcing Data
    Yunduan Lin, and Ruimin Li
    Accident Analysis & Prevention, 2020
  2. Collimatorless Scintigraphy for Imaging Extremely Low Activity Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) with Weighted Robust Least Squares (WRLS)
    Yifan Zheng, Yoonsuk Huh , Qianqian Su , Jiaming Wang , Yunduan LinKai Vetter, and Youngho Seo
    In International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) , 2020