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Publication and Preprints


  1. Content Promotion for Online Content Platforms with Network Diffusion Effect
    Minor Revision at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
    🏆 Winner, Best Student Paper of Social Media Analytics, INFORMS 2022
    🏆 Second place, OR/MS Tomorrow Mini-poster Competition, 2022
  2. Daily Physical Activity Monitoring—Adaptive Learning from Multi-source Motion Sensor Data
    Haoting Zhang, Donglin Zhan, Yunduan Lin, Jinghai He, Qing ZhuZuo-Jun Max Shen, and Zeyu Zheng
    Submitted to Journal of Operations Management


  1. Nonprogressive Diffusion on Social Networks: Approximation and Applications
    Major Revision at Management Science
    🏆 First-Place Prize, the 13th POMS-HK International Conference Best Student Paper, 2023
    🏆 Finalist, 18th INFORMS DMDA Workshop Best Paper Competition (Theoretical Track), 2023
    🏆 Finalist, INFORMS Minority Issues Forum Poster Competition, 2023
    Accepted to INFORMS Workshop on Data Science 2023


  1. Real-time Traffic Accidents Post-impact Prediction: Based on Crowdsourcing Data
    Yunduan Lin, and Ruimin Li
    Accident Analysis & Prevention 2020
  2. Collimatorless Scintigraphy for Imaging Extremely Low Activity Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) with Weighted Robust Least Squares (WRLS)
    Yifan Zheng, Yoonsuk Huh, Qianqian Su, Jiaming Wang, Yunduan LinKai Vetter, and Youngho Seo
    In International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) 2020


Work in Progress


  1. Learning User Behavior in a Social Network: Calibration and Generalization
    Yunduan Lin, Haoting Zhang, Zeyu Zheng, and Zuo-Jun Max Shen
    In prepration, target at Management Science
  2. Inventory Management of Livestream E-commerce with Social Network Information
    Yunduan Lin, and Zuo-Jun Max Shen
    Work in progress
  3. The Value of Public Health Awareness in Organic Farming
    Lingfei Zhong, Yunduan Lin, and Zuo-Jun Max Shen
    Work in progress